Screen-Printing and Ceramics Commissions

Wonderful gifts for special occasions

All screen-prints and ceramics can be made to order with personalised images, lettering, colours and sizes.

Screen-printing Commissions

I make one-off, unique, screen-prints. For commissions I can combine your personalised hand-made stencils with layers of text, drawing and images that have been photographically transferred to silk-screens. They can be under-painted and over-painted as well.

Themes of personal identity in the modern world; memories of home, family and cultural traditions; cellular imagery from art-science collaborations. Aesthetic, muted tones or bold colours. Representational or semi-abstracted forms. Print sizes: 20cm x 20cm to 90cm x 100cm.

Ceramics Commissions

I make one-off, unique, functional/ornamental domestic ceramics. For commissions, I make personalised platters, bowls, jugs and other vessels in earthenware and stoneware. They can be decorated with hand-incised images, words and patterns, or with imagery screen-printed directly on the clay and then moulded into vessels.

Plates, platters, mugs, etc. can include personalised inscriptions to commemorate weddings, anniversaries and other special occasions. Predominant colours are blue, turquoise, white, and brown. Sizes: platters, plates and bowls: 10cm to 25cm diameter; jugs: 10cm to 40cm tall.